LANDLINE: (02) 478-7795
SMART: (+63)999-1909-997
GLOBE: (+63)915-5981-616



Date: October 3 2014 Ticket Price: PHP 300.00 w/ one free drink



Date: October 3 2014 Ticket Price: PHP 300.00 w/ one free drink


Have a Good Time at Good Times!

Good Times offers a total of seventeen (17) Karaoke Rooms. The smallest room can accommodate a minimum of three (3) people and the biggest can accommodate as much as thirty (30) people.



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Welcome to Good Times!

Good Times is the place to go for entertainment, a cigar, beers, or a bite with your buddies after work, after a movie, during a hot date, or just because you wanna go out on a nice day.  This is certainly a centrist joint, a community-oriented spot, a place with something for everyone.


Located on the Fort Strip, Good Times is the new epicenter. With its mixed style decor, it is a fun, stripped down space that appeals to anyone with a sense of fun. It is complemented with the modern amenities of comfort and style - custom-designed booths and a huge, sleek bar.

There's the homey atmosphere of a traditional pub and the fun vibe of a karaoke joint, but food that tops any traditional bar grub. The fare is stuff everybody knows, but done better. Good Times has a casual, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere not burdened by highbrow pretensions - perfect for a no-pressure date or just frittering away a few hours with friends.